Coaching Staff

Troy Grahl

Head Coach


JT Grahl

Assistant Coach


Strongsville student-athletes are very fortunate to have access to excellent sports medicine care due to our partnership with Southwest General. Our athletic training staff is experienced, knowledgeable and caring.

  • Athletic trainers are part of a team of health care professionals - we practice under the direction and in collaboration with physicians.
  • Athletic trainers are specialists; they work with physically active people to prevent and treat injuries and conditions.
  • Athletic trainers aren't personal trainers, who focus solely on fitness, conditioning and performance enhancement. AT's are licensed health care professionals.
  • Athletic trainers are on-site, working with student athletes to avoid injuries; they're there when injuries happen, providing immediate care; and they provide rehabilitation after- ward.
  • Handling injuries at school in the athletic training room, rather than sending the patient to emergency department (if the injury is minor), saves money and time loss - and gets them back on their feet faster.

Steve Pritchard MS, AT

Head Athletic Trainer


Joe Kopacz AT, CSCS

Asst. Athletic Trainer & Strength/Conditioning Coordinator


Katie Vasich, AT

Assistant Athletic Trainer


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